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ARTbutt is a clothing and textile art project exploring elements of slow fashion and couture techniques, often through the unexpectedly versatile medium of underwear.

Design is approached as a playful and inquisitive process that is further inspired through different editorial explorations. ARTbutt’s final ready-to-wear commercial garments draw their inspiration directly from these initial one-of-a-kind first drafts.

ARTbutt waves the sustainable flag, implementing zero waste principles as much as possible from the start into the design process. Wherever possible our mantra remains: SHORTEN SUPPLY CHAIN! REGIONALIZE SUPPLY CHAIN! SCALE IT DOWN!

Art is an act of surrender // Art is an act of self-control

"Art knows no compromise with hurry...the ancient and excellent reliance on the judgement of posterity has been stupidly replaced by the ridiculous superstition of novelty." -Valéry

"Fashion no longer looks down on anything. Fashion ennobles everything.  It does for materials what the romantics did for words..." -Guillaume Apollinaire