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Swim Jogger - Limited Edition Juan José Heredia Palm Playland Print


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The featured artist from this stunning limited edition swim print is surfer and artist Juan José Heredia. Juan is Argentine-born but spent his formative years in Miami, Florida before moving to NYC as a young adult.  There is soOOoooOoo much to say about his work, but for now I’ll just mention a few of the specific elements that drew me to it...One of which is his sophisticated color palette! His work always exudes so much vibrance and energy, yet is seamlessly blended and soothing to behold. When I first saw Juan’s paintings--long before I started designing bathing suits--I remember immediately being drawn in by the color story and thinking how fun it would be transpose some of his paintings onto swimwear.
I also love his repeated use of whimsical palm trees, an ode to earlier times spent in more southerly landscapes yet they are often painted within a context that gives me a feeling of being transported to an alternate fantasy land—one that maybe has some tinges of NYC influences as well...
To create the print Juan and I spent time trading images of his work and discussing his inspirations, creative process, and materials selection.  Finally I selected a few of my favorites from his collection (that's no easy task, folks!!) and began the process of drawing out motifs to create a swim-inspired print repeat.  We went though several strike-offs with the fabric printer to get the layout, scale, and background color correct, but it was worth the wait to get it right.

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About the shorts!

This sporty fit features elongated cargo pockets with mesh bottom for drainage that adds a little bit of flair to its function.  We also take care to sew down our elastic to ensure a non-twistable waistband with a stretch tie drawstring for additional anchoring. Inside lining is clean finished for comfort and support.  5" - 6" inseam.

Rest assured, these are not lined in what may be the usual scratchy stiff liners, our lining is the same level of softness as the outside fabric. ALSO the lining is not smaller or tighter than the outside short, it is the same size. The purpose of the lining in this design is to reinforce the short and not to constrict your body. Several different guys did wear-test these in advance of fit approval and all attested to its comfort!
Additionally, these can be worn by the ladies, or any *body* for that matter, the stretchiness of the fabric will accommodate even tho they were originally fit on a man ☺️🥸

The sustainable, premium Italian spandex fabric is pretty special as well: Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than competitors’ fabrics.  Made from recycled plastic, it is versatile, resistant, thin, stretchy, soft, and breathable; a unique blend of muscular compression and comfort. Play all day!

The ARTbutt Swim Jogger uses MEN'S alpha sizing, to assist you we've added the equivalent waist measurements below. 
S (30-31)
M (32-33)
L (34-35)
XL (36-38)
For women's sizing, simply go one size down.  For example, if you normally wear size Medium in Women's, then you will need to purchase the size SMALL. 
This design is meant to have a streamlined fit for functionality so if you prefer a looser look you may choose to go up a size!  Any questions please don't hesitate to give a holler:

Care Instructions:
Rinse in cold water after each use.
Line Dry
78% Recycled Nylon; 22% Spandex
Made in NYC

Additional fabric features include:
Recycled yarn
Ultrachlorine resistant
Resistant to sun cream and oil
Shape retention
UV protection
Ultraflat and soft
Two way stretch
Pilling resistant