Uni-Tee: Upcycled Tops


Unity! Un-i-TEE! Together we are stronger, bolder and more beautiful than ever!  

These shirts are re-purposed from discarded tee shirt extras that would otherwise go to landfill waste.  Each tee shirt is disassembled and then "united" with materials from other shirts to create a one-of-a-kind pattern for each new re-purposed top sewn.  The neckline is clean-finished  and the fit incorporates form fitting side seam curvatures with cropped sleeves-comfortable and flattering for a wide variety of body types!

This latest batch was segmentally over-dyed by hand in themes of indigo and peach.

Measurements below = garment specs. To find your size, measure your bust with a tape measure, and then choose the size that's 1"-2" larger, depending on how tight of a fit you would like.  Don't have time for all that? Our size grading also follows basic industry standards so you can choose accordingly.  If you have further questions or don't see your size please let us know at! I can also make a piece to custom fit you according to your measurements.
XS bust: 34"
S bust: 36"
M bust: 38"
L bust: 40"
XL bust: 42"

Care and Content Info:
-All re-purposed fabric is 100% stretchy cotton or cotton blend.
(The re-purposed fabric is unworn and unused, made from items that had defects or other production issues and could not go to market.)
-Machine wash cold, line dry with cool iron.
-All shirts hand-made in Woodstock, NY.
-Individual tops will vary in color patterns and dye batches from model photo shown.

**Please allow up to a week leadtime to cut and sew as your selection may not be immediately in stock :)