Lavender Eye Pillow


I've pivoted from making face masks to eye masks in order not to let these beautiful scraps of hand-dyed cotton sateen fabrics go to waste that I have been lovingly working on these past few months.

I have also been an eye pillow aficionado for YEARS, in fact, if you know me personally there is a chance you've received one as a gift from me before!  I believe in the power of the pillow!  So much so that I almost can't fall asleep without one.  They are also a great addition to any yoga or meditation practice or relaxation exercise:

LAVENDER scent can reduce anxiety and stress and balance your mood by helping you to relax and sleep.

FLAX SEEDS ensure the perfect amount of acupressure to revitalize your vision and can accumulate the heat or cold for a long time thanks to their natural oil content.  I also find the gentle weight of the flax seeds allows my eye and face muscles to naturally relax while shutting out the light.

-One size 4" x 11" approximately.
-Can be used as a cold or hot compress.
-Thoughtfully constructed with a soft cotton sateen removable pillowcase for easy washing (Handwash recommended with line dry and gentle iron).
-Inner silk pillow filled with organic lavender and organic flax seeds. 
-Each piece is hand-dyed and therefore one-of-a-kind; This particular dyelot is available as long as supplies lasts.

Handmade in NY with <3