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ARTbutt x Goldie's February Package


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Valentine's day may be over but it's not too late to snag some self-love swag! The ARTbutt x Goldie's February Package includes the Goldie's candle of the month for February, designed by ARTbutt, plus the NEW Bordeaux or the Bubblegum Olivia panty of your choice, all for 20% off!  This month's candle features sweet notes of amber and coconut, inspired by their best-selling Amber Coconut Leave-In Conditioner (an aroma for which I SWOON!)  We also have a limited amount of the matching roll-on Venus scent available as well!

Package #1: Olivia Panty + Roll-on Scent for $49 (Actual retail value $58)

Package #2: Olivia Panty + Venus Candle for $59 (Actual retail value $74)

IMPORTANT: Simply purchase the candle here and then select your size in either the Bordeaux panty OR the Bubblegum panty from their corresponding product pages, and your discount will automatically show at check-out.  You must make sure to add your panty color and size choice separately from the links above!

 All Goldie's products are handmade in small batches, using thoughtfully sourced organic ingredients that are 100% free of parabens, preservatives, pthalates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. 

Our February meditation was inspired by VENUS:

Many of us know Venus simply as the goddess of love and sex, but there is so much more to this entity when considering the concept of the feminine divine…

-The capacity for creation/birth that lives within all of us.
-The seemingly divergent urges to make love and war often spring from a similar source of passion; how do you choose to channel your life lusts?
-Honoring the rhythms or our bodies, their creative energy, and sensuality.  How do you tune into your own unique flow?

The planet Venus is known as SUKRA in Vedic astrology. Sukra means “bright" in Sanskrit: Venus is the brightest planet in the solar system.

Venus is the holy self, by honoring this sacred being, the brightest of stars, we in turn allow our lights to shine brightly upon all the other stars as well.

I’ve always loved the idea of a talisman…a physical object we use to remind ourselves of our paths and intentions.  A talisman can be anything we need it to be, whenever we need it: an article of clothing we wear on a day we need a confidence boost, a sound we program into an alarm to ease us into the morning, a candle we light to set our intentions… 

Venus describes how we love and what we want to be loved for.  
How will you shine your light?

 -Anya Ferring